Linear guide technology and products

MEXIMPEX SRL is the sole representative and distributor in Romania of SCHNEEBERGER GROUP - a leading world manufacturer of linear bearings with balls, rollers and needles with applications in different industrial field such as: machine-tools, semiconductors and electronics, solar technology (photovoltaics), metrology, medical technology.

SCHNEEBERGER name has been synonymous with modern linear guide technology. Its products are manufactured using the most advanced manufacturing technology and highly specialized employees. The manufacturing process is subjected to demanding and application-oriented checks and inspections.

SCHNEEBERGER offers a broad range of products, from linear and profiled guideways through to complete linear-drive positioning systems designed especially for the customers.

SCHNEEBERGER® produces linear bearings, profiled guideways, measuring systems, gear racks, slides, positioning systems and mineral casting.


Assisting his clients beginning with design phase, Schneeberger Group products provide a wide range of utilities and alternative systems.

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