MEXIMPEX SRL is in a business of exporting, importing and distributing fasteneres.

Our products meet the highest standards of quality required in consumer industries such as: metal constructions and building, machine-tools, automotive and railway, petrochemistry, electrical networks, telecommunications, electrotechnics, wood processing, consumer products

Our range of fasteners

Our range of screws, bolts, nuts, washers, rings, clamps, rivets and other fasteners observes ISO, DIN, ASTM, UNI, NF, BS Standards but can also meet our customers' design.

Depending on the customers' requirements and projects, the fasteners are delivered either in plane conditions or plated with protective coating such as thermal or chemical blackening, electrolytic zinc coating, or hot zinc coating in a wide variety of colours or brightness.

The wide variety of dimensional range of fasteners includes threaded and unthreaded fasteners with diameters ranging from 1.5 up to 64mm.

Fasteners technologies and treatments

The following technologies are used in the manufacturing process of the fasteners distributed by our company:

• Cold plastic deformation.
• Hot plastic deformation.
• Cutting technologies.
• Plastic deformation and cutting.

The screws, bolts and nuts are manufactured using special heat and thermo-chemical treatments, which give them property classes up to 12.9 and 12 respectively.